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How We Became The Main in Manila

Fueled to ignite global visibility for Filipino businesses, Digital Marketing Manila worked its way to the top 8 years ago. The culture that our team lives by paved the way for startups to become key players in their industries, and small wins were soon ground breakers that no one was prepared for. Here’s how we did it.

The Creative Genius

Digital Marketing Manila is founded by Merlina Naldo, a Filipina innovator who has a keen eye for potential. She is an SEO specialist and a digital marketing expert with boundless ideas to elevate brands. How? By challenging our local conventional paths through data-driven results.

Merlina’s creativity was rooted in her artistic endeavors before which inspired her to develop a company with success-based performance. Established IT companies such as Wikihow, Cisco’s Appdynamics, Business Coach, Manufacturers, and Service Industries are some of her previous clients which she helped succeed in the industry.

In retrospect, she believes that digital marketing strategies should be measurable to allow seamless and effective experiences. She was first introduced to the world of digital marketing by none other than her co-founder, Mukesh Kumar.

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The Digital Gamechanger

Mukesh is a top-notch digital marketer and the owner of a globally-recognized digital marketing agency called Maxnet Global Marketing. He has proven his digital legacy for the last 15 years by helping over hundreds of companies lead the game in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia..

His commitment and brilliant marketing approaches in the digital space allowed the company to promote brands to their fullest satisfaction. The distinct mark that Mukesh leaves is his ability to equip brands with authentic connections translating to exceptional business impacts. His mission is simple - To deliver you the excellence you deserve.

To PHenomenal Outcomes

Together with a group of modern thinkers and doers..
Digital Marketing Manila is all set to rise with your brand in the digital landscape.
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