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Why Choose Digital Marketing Manila as your Web Designer?

Your business website is the place where potential customers make one of the most vital decisions regarding your products/services. So, it’s essential to ensure that your website is as appealing as possible. A well-crafted website is more than just a means to sell products. It represents your brand, expertise, and experience in the most direct way.

We, Digital Marketing Manila, are a reputed web design company in the Philippines, and our wide satisfied clientele is the reason for you to avail our services over others.

When it comes to designing a website that impresses your target audience at the 1st glance, there is no one size fits all.

That’s why we don’t entertain the idea of applying an all-purpose formula; rather we approach your requirements with the intention of customization. With our web design services in the Philippines what you get is a highly functional website that boosts conversation and attracts valuable traffic.

A Website That Communicates Your Message

Nothing impresses like a good story. Every business has its own story and helping your target segment grasp that is a smart way to leave an impression. Research suggests that the online consumer is more likely to respond to an emotional and sentimental message than reasoning alone.

So, we ensure that your brand’s vision and the message are narrated to the visitor in a clear manner. With a website design in Philippines from us, there’s no room for confusion. Modern typography, sensible color pallet, and eye-catching formatting combine to create a user-friendly website which talks ‘YOU’ in every pixel.


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Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Nowadays more and more people use their mobile phones to check the internet. Internet users don’t like to wait, they want instant answers. Seeking information right on the spot is needed for our time.

Hence, we priorities mobile compatibility in every aspect of the design. Quick loading speed is also important here. Did you know, that the maximum loading speed that a customer is ready to wait for is about 3 seconds? Any longer, he/she has already lost interest. Thus, great mobile optimization is an uncompromising requirement. Our web design company in the Philippines guarantees a mobile-compatible site, which loads quickly on mobile devices. Pages developed by Digital Marketing Manila are designed in such a way that it loads quickly, and it is easy to navigate even on a relatively small screen.

User Experience Website Design

We employ a team of dedicated and skilled coders and web developers in the Philippines. Well-structured codes result in a robust website design that offers a seamless user experience.

Our web designer put efforts to understand your requirements and business goals and prepares a website design accordingly. We ensure no valuable space is wasted and the entire website design is free of any unnecessary fluff.

Clean SEO Friendly Coding

There’s no shortage of new freelance designers, who will design a website at unbelievably low rates. However, is it worthwhile to invest in these? So many people can code today, and people are doing website and app development as their academic projects. But all websites are not equal. Only with experience, it is possible for a website designer to design a site that ranks high in the search engines. SEO friendly codes by Digital Marketing Manila attracts search engine spiders and provides a clear picture of the content to google algorithms.

All Our Web Design Services at a Glance

We have years of valuable experience and can work with a variety of projects. Whether you sell products or provide services, or whether you are a small home business or a corporate firm, you’ll get all solutions under one roof.

Corporate Website Design

Are you on the lookout for a basic template-based package that you can customize according to your own needs? We, a group of an expert Filipino web designer, are capable of crafting templates that’ll suit all purposes.

App Development

Enterprises and service providers often rely on apps to deliver to their customers. Our web design company in Manila specializes in this category and develops visually compelling apps.

E-commerce Solution

We design e-commerce websites in such a way that it promotes conversion. Responsive shopping cart solution incorporates with secured payment gateway renders our website design the best in class.

Why Work with Digital Marketing Manila?

Efficient Outsourcing

Building your business is a demanding and tiring task. So, by outsourcing your website design you reduce the burden and free up valuable time in which you create better plans.

When hiring freelancers from the webs you need to consider several factors like –

  • Their expertise and experience
  • Whether the website developer is suitable for your niche of operation
  • Their track records
  • Performance of their client’s website.

Now, that is a lot of work to do on your own. Website design in Philippines by Filipinos takes the guesswork out by assembling a group of exceptionally talented and skilled Filipino web designers, graphic designers, editors, copywriters, and website coders. This team works in close contact with you at every step of the process.

Competitive Pricing

Do not pay more than you need for web design services in the Philippines. When you think how much website design cost in the Philippines, you may be surprised by the exorbitant price they charge you.

When considering web designer, do look our few highlights.

  • We offer our services at very reasonable rates as we believe in working with customers on a long-term basis.
  • Reliability and developing lasting business relationships are our foremost priorities.
  • Our website design cost range between 15,000 PHP to 30,000 PHP.

As you can understand, with this wide spectrum, there’s ample room for customization. So, when you partner with our web design company in Manila, you end up with exactly what you need. You will not feel that anything extra and unnecessary has been pushed on you and we always try to provide our service within client's budget.

360° Solution

We have devised our services such that it leaves no room for loose ends that are left to tie on your own. Starting from the very 1st step, which is website hosting, to the last step, i.e. launching of the website and monitoring its performance, we do it all for you.

We explain and equip you with every tool that is required to monitor the website performance once it up and running. We also help you to create a mailing list. Therefore, after working with us, your vision for online business comes full circle.

Intelligent Content

For a website to be fully effective, it must be fortified with compelling website content. Furthermore, the content must be seasoned with the right amount of call to action. Most designers do not account for the relevant call to action. Many ends up incorporating these in annoyingly excess. The key here is balanced, which is achieved with the help of expert copywriters.

While performing web design on the website, we employ writers who are masters of creating expert calls to actions. Our years of experience allow us to judge appropriately where to position these for maximum conversion.

Assured Security

Just like the internet itself, security threats are ever evolving. Malware and viruses are always lurking to break the security of your website. Security is even more important with an e-commerce website. Our web design in the Philippines takes care of all security issues and we build from the base with security in mind. We review security features at every step of the way.

Our Services for Your Progress

We understand how much your business matters and so we strive to offer the best possible service to you. When you partner with Digital Marketing Manila, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that you end up with a website that meets all your business goals. So, contact our web design company in the Philippines today to gain that competitive edge.

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