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Why Choose Local SEO Agency in the Philippines

As it is quite well established by now, simply having a business is not going to be enough now. Without a strong online presence, it is almost impossible to beat the competition and achieve success. Both the buyers and sellers are on the internet now. Whatever be the business sector your company falls under; chances are more than 40% of the industry’s customers look up for potential service providers online. Without a good local SEO, your business will fall behind in this race. Digital Marketing Manila is a top local SEO company in the Philippines and here, we guarantee your business the exposure and recognition it deserves.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO comprises of organic techniques to streamline your online presence for highly targeted, location-specific business searches. It helps you to connect with the local market and build a loyal customer bases closer to home. It involves applying the same old ways of traditional search engine optimization processes, but with extra emphasis on highlighting its geographical location to attract the customers within a certain radius. Conventional SEO tools such as link building, on-page optimization and content management can get you the traction on a broader, more generic sense. But for dominance over your neighboring rivals, you need something extra. Our services of local SEO in the Philippines give you exactly that.


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How Does Local SEO Work?

Local SEO practices ensure that your website and online directory listings have a good visibility from a local perspective. It optimizes all your online profiles and information and integrates them with your local information so that it shows up in the first page of area-specific searches on the internet. It works through some express optimization activities:
  • A thorough local SEO audit
  • Search and analysis for locality-based keywords
  • Optimization of website content for regional locations, maps and terms
  • Verification of business and authentication of NAP – name, address and phone number
  • Registration to local business directories and listings of major search engines
  • Manage positive reviews and feedback’s on the website, social media platforms and business listings
  • Covering a social media marketing campaign focusing on the specific area

Why Does Your Business Need Local SEO?

Your business has already undergone a pretty detailed SEO strategy and you are sure it sufficiently updated from the core to draw all kinds of audience attention. But if you are thinking of a more area-specific success, local SEO activities are key to it. For example, if you are the owner of a new pizzeria in UP Village or run a construction business from one of the commercial buildings in Makati, you will need to access local SEO services in Philippines to beat the competition and be on top.

  • Your business information will reach interested clients far easier and faster with local SEO integration, and you can pick up a sale before your rivals in the same area.
  • With area-specific searches, there is a high possibility that the customer is truly interested in the service and has not stumbled upon your business by mistake, therefore sealing a guaranteed lead conversion.
  • With localized optimization, you will be filtering out the rest of the world and competing only with the local brands, therefore diluting the concentration of rivalry.

Our Local SEO Services

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Local SEO Audit

A Local SEO expert or a SEO consultant at Digital Marketing Manila would go through your entire online persona and analyze every bit of information available on the internet about you or your business to formulate a minutely researched audit result. The process of evaluation is exhaustive and done with sheer attention to details so that you can make a well-informed decision on how to evade the risks and utilize the opportunities to your benefit. The audit usually takes place over five extensive steps conducted by our Local SEO expert team. The steps are:

Step 1: Gathering your business information – company objectives, website URLs, social media profile credentials and previous digital marketing efforts.

Step 2: Conduct end-to-end inspection of all the provided data with a combination of manual efforts and SEO tools.

Step 3: Sort and organize the audit results and review it for drawing relevant conclusions. In this step, recommendations for further improvement of the online presence is derived, which helps in the next step.

Step 4: A local SEO audit report is created for the customer and other involved parties to read through and understand the shortcomings of their online marketing efforts. Our skilled consultants will be available for you to discuss the report and clarify any confusion you might have about it.

Step 5: Once the client is clear of the local SEO audit report, an action plan is chalked following a brainstorming session to arrive at the specific local SEO strategies that would help improve your area-specific rankings and integrate the same in all the places online where you have your presence.

Google My Business Optimization

Google is by far the most used search engine globally, taking up more than 70% search hits all the time. It is essential that your business is optimized accordingly to Google guidelines. The search giant offers the free service of its listing platform, Google My Business for local companies to put up their NAP information, business description and pin their exact location on a Google Map. We help you optimize your GMB listing by ensuring all the provided information are accurate and aligns with positive lead generation.

Titles and Metadata Optimization

The title and metadata of your website are important elements of your website that reflect the nature of your business in short. These are the behind-the-scene facets of SEO that speaks to search engine crawlers and communicate with relevant information upon search request. We pay close and careful attention to include location-based keywords in these elements and make them catchy and interesting, so that your business can cut through the ocean of search results that Google, Yahoo or Bing generates hit.

Social Media

Social media is essential in almost all sorts of digital marketing solutions nowadays, and local SEO is no exception. In fact, it is quite intensely associated with localized searches, thanks to community building and mutual sharing features. Digital Marketing Manila handles your social media platforms to streamline it with your local SEO campaign as well.


Having an authentic and consistent NAP information is most crucial for the success of your local SEO strategy. NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number – the three main pillars of locally optimizing your business. We make sure that your NAP information is updated and mentioned in all the important pages of your website, blog and social media platforms.


Digital Marketing Manila will secure your business site with effective backlinks opportunities from renowned and reputed high authority websites, directories, blog post thereby improving your credibility to the local customers.


The name of your business must be prominent in local directories and business listings to appear higher up in the search ranking. Our local SEO services includes being on the lookout for all related citation sites and get your business enlisted there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A standard SEO solution will certainly get your website to rank higher in Google and other search engines. But when it comes to tap the local market, the SEO practices need to consider the aspect of geographical location and integrate the same in the strategies.

The tools and techniques involved are similar, although the location plays a huge role in keyword search and content creation. Moreover, Google My Business is a very important aspect of local SEO, to appear in the first page of a relevant Google search.

Any business with a physical location can access the benefits of a good local SEO campaign. However, it cannot be an entirely internet-based, e-commerce company, since the basic idea of local SEO is about location. Your business must have manual, in-person interaction with customers.

Keyword research, directory citation, backlink building, and Google My Business optimization are the obvious cornerstones of a good local SEO solution.

SEO is not an easy thing to wrap your head around, all the while having a whole other business to run. Hiring a professional local SEO agency will take that burden off your shoulder and provides you, Local SEO expert skills in the field, while you focus on the core business of your company.